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Proud of a Glowing Testimonial

How lovely to have such a warm testimonial...

We love our clients and view projects very much as a partnership, we're very proud of the work we did with Hospice in the Weald -

"At Hospice in the Weald, Gifts in Wills comprise 20% of our organisational income and are a vital contribution in allowing us to be there for our community. Recently, we recognised we could improve both our internal processes around legacies and how we talk about them with staff, volunteers, patients and the general public. We worked with Clare and Victoria at Keepace for around 9 months and they provided invaluable expertise and support in both areas. They reviewed our whole legacy pipeline, ensuring we were recording information consistently and identifying a process for our fundraising and finance teams to keep track of legacy income and notifications, in a way that allowed us to accrue gifts more accurately according to the requirements of our auditors. They also worked with us on an exciting piece of work to develop new messaging and marketing, culminating in our ‘All the difference’ campaign and a suite of materials that we are really proud of. Finally, they developed and delivered in-person and online training for staff, volunteers and Trustees to help people be confident in understanding and talking about legacies. We were looking for a consultant that would feel part of our team, meeting short-term goals and deadlines while being flexible and creative when it came to our long-term vision and Clare and Victoria definitely fit the bill! Keepace were a real pleasure to work with and I’m already missing their warmth, expertise and ideas, but luckily they’ve left us with more confidence and the knowledge to make sure we are making the most of legacies in the future. I’d recommend them to any charity looking for a personal, action-focused and practical approach to fundraising from Gifts in Wills.”

Katie Greywood, Income Generation Director, Hospice in the Weald

Thank you Katie Greywood and team.

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