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Adopting a Legacy
First Approach

Inclusive Giving works best when Legacies are alongside Lifetime Giving

Are you looking at your income generation strategy and want to maximise major giving?

Offering a legacy first approach can unlock gifts from both known and unknown supporters and also promote lifetime giving that is both aspirational and inclusive. Keepace work with organisations of all sizes and we know placing legacy income generation at the heart of what you do makes a huge difference and can drive profit as promoting gifts in Wills can count towards Social Value.

We are passionate about Legacy Fundraising as a channel and champion a Legacy First as well as a Legacy last approach. We're passionate fundraisers with a track record of income generation across the full fundraising mix, across sectors. People tell us that our energy and enthusiasm is infectious and inspiring. They also say that our approach is nurturing and naturally encourages people, not-for-profits and businesses to maximise their potential.

Services : Services

Introducing the four legacy pillars

Clear Messages

- make your mission clear

Consistent Communication

- everywhere, often


- show gratitude & impact



 - all you need to know & where delegated authority sits.

Internal Team Training

Do you need internal buy in or service staff training?

Implementation Planning

We love workshopping with you and your team. Exploring your perceptions and busting myths, together. We can also share cross sector experience & offer reassurance to non-fundraising teams & trustees as well as empowering your social value leads and procurement teams to understand Will power.

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