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Boost & buoy, rather than browbeat...

We've been doing a lot of internal training recently and that sounds a bit dry. So, let's break it down. We work with people to encourage them to feel comfortable about fundraising and talking about charitable status. These are people who work for a charity. Okay, we don't often need to encourage fundraiser's to be okay about what they do, other than take time to say 'jolly well done! You are working very hard, making a difference and sorry, no, we can't give you more hours in the day, have you heard of a work life balance?'

Charities are not simply composed of fundraisers. Some charitable organisations don't even have sole focused income generators.

So Keepace have been working with the people that carry out the mission and vision work and help others to say it's okay to ask for (financial) help in return.

Fundraising can be perceived as uncomfortable and salesy.

Distasteful even.

We like to describe all the reasons why it is not and why it is essential. There's an enormous emphasis on creating confidence around having legacy conversations and empowering people to embrace gifts in Wills as the amazingly inclusive and accessible channel of income generation that it is. We do big up legacies because we think they are the easiest form of fundraising.

Yes, we do.

Why? Because, when you promote gifts in Wills...

You are not asking for anything now, which is helpful with our current cocktail of socio-economic uncertainties.

You are providing a service, by encouraging people to consider writing a Will and getting some life admin done. A charitable gift in that Will would be super, thank you. You are allowing someone to connect with hopes and dreams and offering an opportunity to make a real difference, for generations to come. We think that's pretty awesome. Internal training should be fun, interesting and inspirational.

It should buoy and bolster, help and encourage. It should be designed to meet your needs, so we like asking about assumptions before embarking on our sessions. It shouldn't involve bossing and beratement.

Steer clear of training that attempts to impose rather than work with you to make a difference. It's important to say that, as fundraising and income generation is a privilege.

We're in the business of accepting and transferring gifts.

Allowing agency - which means letting people make a difference in any way they can. It's not our job to decide who ought to do (or not do) what. As trainers, it's not our job to say our fixed approach is the only way. Keepace likes to look at your approach and see how it can be adapted to unlock more income generation. We become part of your team, if you let us and we are privileged to work with you. Thank you.

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