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Full service Income Generation, Fundraising Training and Team Support

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Let's find your full fundraising potential.

Fundraising can be challenging, there are never enough hours in the day and funds are not guaranteed but are vital to your mission. Keepace Fundraising is here to lighten the load and add a sparkle of passion and creativity to your fundraising as well as helping design and implement excellent administrative procedures. We're also pretty good at tackling toxic pockets within teams so that everyone is onboard with engagning appeals. We're passionate fundraisers with a track record of income generation across the full fundraising mix. People tell us that our energy and enthusiasm is infectious and inspiring. They also say that our approach is nurturing and naturally encourages fundraisers to maximise their potential.


Contact us to see if you agree, initial conversations are welcome, internationally!

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Are you part of a team in transition or are you aware that your fundraisers are dealing with challenge they’re trying to deal with?


It's okay, we have seen this a lot. It's common, understandable and we have developed ways to provide a solution.


Contact us and see what we can do for you and your organisation. 


We know that ongoing effects of being overwhelmed, tired and isolated are continuing to effect people's energy and productivity at work.
If motivation levels are running low at the moment and you believe your team needs support to perform, in addition to our team of Keepace Consultants, we're also collaborating with Louisa Hussey to provide a new softer skill resource to top up your teams emotional well-being as well as campaign delivery skills.


Watch our discussion with Emotions Expert Louisa Hussey here


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