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Team Strengthening 

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Fundraising Is a Team Effort

Let’s succeed together, if your team is in turmoil it's difficult to move forward


We know that you are not a counsellor, we also know that you are not HR but if you have a team, you do deal with emotions on a daily basis. That's not fundraising. It can often also NOT be fun.  

We've seen leaders on the brink of leaving the sector as they are didn't take on their role to raise the emotional stability of staff, they became a fundraiser to raise income. 


And that's okay, because Keepace work with Emotions Expert, Louisa Hussey and together we can help reframe challenges, get rid of pent up frustrations and support your team, instantly. The best thing is, your team can have an emotional clearcut without saying anything out loud. Each team is different, but we've identified common problems and successful solutions, get in touch to hear more about how we could help you and your team.

Louisa is a trained EFT practitioner and Keepace took our Reframe proposition to the #IFC2022 and wowed an international audience. We'd love to tell you how Reframe can reinvigorate your team. 

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