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Tooled up?

This year has involved a lot of talks to a diverse and international audience. It has been a priviledge to share my thoughts with so many people from various backgrounds.

So what have a learned? Well, quite a lot. There's some brilliant people on the training and talking circuit. My world has been predominately fundraising and not for profit in recent times, but as part of #FreelanceHER, I've been lucky to work with a whole world of digital, creative and innovative companies in Greater Manchester. Bright minds abound.

Thing is, all this training is great stuff, top marks for content. But then we have to implement the stuff we now know... into what we daily do. Weekly, not weakly. That's the tricky part.

Turning how into now.

This is where Keepace can help. We've done the research and trialled many solutions and so you can take a short cut when it comes to kickstarting yourself into more efficient and effective ways of working.

If you are a charity, have a gap in your resources and want a highly professional quick fix then help is here. If you need to raise funds immediately and you want an easy to use digital solution to boost your income then we have a selection of answers.

Done digital and now you want a doordrop? Or want to integrate the two? Then Keepace has the know-how to deliver on intergrated campaigns.

How about attracting lasting legacies and adding some sparkle to your legacy fundraising messages, we would love to unlock your supporter's will power with you.

In order to complete a mission, it's helpful to be kitted up both with knowledge and the right tools. Contact Keepace if you'd like some additional guidance or help and support.

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