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Taking a Legacy First Approach

How can you talk about legacy fundraising if you haven't got a fully developed Legacy Fundraising or even Individual Giving strategy in place?

Easy peasy!

In fact, starting from scratch (or reinvigorating legacy messages that may have fallen by the wayside while other income streams have been developed) is arguably a great place to be. You have a fairly blank canvas and moderate expectations.

But it is important to make a statement that you gratefully accept gifts in Wills, regardless of how many or how few you have historically had. So that you have one of the key building blocks in place. As well as a team fully prepped on what they need to know...

Legacy Fundraising is special, and it is an inclusive ask, one that non-fundraisers can embrace and talk about if you provide the right messages and confidence around them.

A Legacy First approach is even more relevant today as research has shown that those who cannot commit to giving cash now, are relieved to get their affairs in order and if they include a charitable gift to your cause, they can become significant donors in their lifetime.

It's all about unlocking potential and offering another channel of support.

We very much suggest you have a Will writing offer in place and this doesn't need to have a huge (or in some cases any) price tag in place and if you'd like to hear more, then we're workshopping the Pillars of Legacy Potential in Manchester on 29th November 2022.

Come and join us!

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