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Finding Recruitment tough? Need some help now?

How can you attract a perfect candidate and make sure that they hit the ground running as soon as they are in post?

Well, to attract a great candidate you need to know what resource your team requires, some times this is not the same as replacing someone who has walked out the door. Also, do really really know why they left?

Is your organisation experiencing ongoing churn?

Are you starting from scratch and dipping your toe into the water of professional fundraising for the first time and are unsure what this looks like?

Here at Keepace, we're working with a number of charities to demonstrate ten reasons why fundraising matters -

1) Fundraising is possible, exciting and enjoyable

2) It's essential to keep your organisation afloat

3) A benchmarking appeal can prove this, AND bring income in for you

4) We can show you how, and help if your team is in transition but you need funds now

5) We'll implement processes that we know already work

6) We'll train your existing staff along the way and debunk myths that fundraising is scary

7) We believe a Legacy messages sits at the heart of what you do and comes first

8) Offering inclusive ways to give helps everyone feel comfortable

9) Our analytics mean you are not operating in the dark

10) We've got a proven track record.

So why not get in touch with Clare or Victoria and the team? We're happy to chat and see what you need -

07759 069435

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