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Do you need help? Do you even know if you need help?

Hands Up if you know what you're doing?

Great... if you do, we're not talking to you.

We're talking to the ones with hands in their pockets.

In fact we're talking to the ones who kind of want to be sat in a corner gently rocking in the face of a rather large lot of overwhelm.

People who, through no fault of their own might not even know what the ought to be doing, never mind how to do it.

And that's okay.

It takes ages to become good at a thing and even longer to become expert.

It's normal to need help.

It should be okay to ask.

Sadly, part of being a charity where you ask other people to give you money for a mission means that you have to be golly careful where that money goes.

That's fine, but there is that mission to accomplish and that can't happen without a lot of resources and expertise.

If your focus is on solving the problem, having identified or identified with a cause that seeks to end cancer, improve the natural world, help and support vulnerable people, love pets, end homelessness etc etc...

...then you may not naturally be fully availed of all the effective strategies required to raise all of the money needed to solve the problem.

Or how to implement the fixes fit for you and test and learn from results.

So what can you do?

You can speak to us.

We specialise in raising money from gifts in Wills. We do.

But we wholeheartedly understand that a legacy does not sit alone. It needs to run through all communications and reach all audiences, those that you know and those that you don't know,

To get those messages out there, in all of the places, you need to understand how to do that and you need your whole team onboard.

We can offer advice, strategic and practical.

We can take a look at your data, marketing, administrative processes and income generation targets and outcomes.

We can train your team, all of them, even or perhaps especially the non-fundraisers and Trustees who also have gaps in their knowledge, whether they have had the confidence to admit it or not.

We can we do this?

Because we have asked for help.

We've sat with brilliant people from all areas of the sector from conservation to conservatoires, cradle to grave causes, helicopters and ambulances, research and support.

They've told us what they do best and we have told them where they can get the best out of other areas of fundraising or reminded them to forget the shiny 'other' thing and keep getting better at the great things they do.

We then take this sparkle of wonder to other organisation and press repeat...(only differently because different people have different strengths and that's the wonder of it all).

Keepace love facilitating a transfer of knowledge. We're bursting at the seams with stuff we want to tell you about so that you can put your hand up and say of course you know what you're doing and you have a bit of an idea how long it might take you.

If you'd like a chat (and we love a chat) get in touch and let's think about what you might not know you need to know. I'm on LinkedIn too...

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