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Championing Admin

It's not glamorous. It's not exciting (to everyone). It is incredibly important.

Good fundraisers collect information, contact details, preferences and ideally...reasons for support.

Excellent fundraisers input this date, consistently and methodically into a lovely CRM (yes, I know, there are still plenty of spreadsheets out there too).

Stella fundraising teams frequently review their data and are informed about who is engaged, where they are geographically and philanthropically AND use this information to inform future fundraising and reflect on past performance of appeals/campaigns.

Mighty databases can be overwhelming and unwieldy unless you are a data whizz and analysis takes time.

That's why Keepace can do a health check for you and streamline processes at the same time. A basic admin overview...

Legacy administration is another sport. It requires a lot more than sending out thank you letters and recording that you did so. It covers more than processing and needs expert knowledge and understanding. It also should not be brushed aside or left to be something that you respond to, incoming correspondence only.

A legendary legacy administrator will be proactive, professional, planned in their approach and on top of caseloads with the ability to accrue and forecast pipelines.

They will know how expensive solicitors fees should be and can query estate summaries that don't look correct.

Normal fundraising administration is important, Legacy administration is essential to have in place. Luckily, we can help with both as well as supporting teams in transition.

Now that summer is over (I'm sorry, it really is) and everyone is back to all guns blazing...Don't let all your efforts slip because of inefficiencies in your admin.

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