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'And' not either...

There have been some interesting reports of late, regarding giving behaviour, looking at supporter trends and the ongoing ambition in Fundraising to reach new goals, despite economic uncertainty.

What emerges over and over again is -

1) The importance and amazing value of income from gifts in Wills.

2) How this is only fully unlocked if there is ownership from the full team. Legacy income ought to be front and centre, a proud and celebrated form of giving that sits alongside individual giving, of all values. Is a best friend of lottery and other prize led income generation, a happy bedfellow of community fundraising and a remarkable relative or identical sibling to major donations and corporate relationships. How do you embed an authentic and genuine culture of loving legacies?

Train your teams, or...even better, bring in the Calvary and add some external oomph to embed those positive attitudes and banish any bad ones based on misconceptions.

Bust some myths, create induction materials and excel at all things legacy wise.

We need to do this now, so our growth strategies are more than hopes on a page and our teams pull together, unlocking a lot of love along the way. Keepace facilitate these training sessions, it's our favourite thing to do and we will tailor your messages to maximise impact so your volunteers, other fundraisers, supporter facing teams, senior leadership and Trustees all get onboard.

We will connect you to the Will power of your supporter base.

For more information get in touch with

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